Are you based in Philadelphia? We can work together.

Not based in Philadelphia? That's ok! I want to connect communities with positive and engaging experiences through creative content and storytelling.


My life as a disability advocate has turned into work as an accessibility advocate. Check out some of what I do in between projects. In the meantime, have you been thinking about how to better engage your readers or audiences with disabilities?

The National Service Inclusion Project reports that 30% of U.S. families include someone who identifies as having a disability. In Philadelphia, 17.3% of residents between the ages of 21 and 64 have a disability.* Let’s chat about how we can make sure you’re reaching this important audience. I have a marketing toolkit that can help.  

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Speaking of reach, do you have complicated, specific content that needs to engage and inform your general audience? I can help you convey your message simply and effectively to ensure it’s palatable for your readers.


If your content needs some energizing, let me do the work for you. I can help give your existing web or printed copy a boost based on your needs and ideas.  

*Disability Planning Data, “Disability Population Statistics for Philadelphia County.”


Photo of Patrick Jacobs' 'Field with Dandelions,' 2015.